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Sensormatic™ 58khz Mono Guard Security Pillars

58khz Mono Guard Security Pillars NEW


Sensormatic Frequency 58Khz Mono Guard Security Pillars

      NEW 1 Pillar Mono Guard                   NEW 2 Pillar Mono Guard

1-Pillar Single door  $3090 


             2-Pillar Double Door  $5402


Mono Guard Specifications

Sensormatic frequency 58Khz retail store stop shoplifting security system

Length Operating Frequency
1470mm    57.9" Sensormatic™ Frequency 58Khz
Width Power (Pedestals)
440mm    17.3" 24VAC
Depth Power Supply
100mm   4" 24VAC
Weight Power (Controller)
8Kg   18 lb. 110VAC

Mono Guard 58Khz Sensormatic Security

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Sensormatic Frequency 58Khz Mono Guard Security Pillars




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