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Blank 8.2Mhz Labels
Barcoded 8.2Mhz Labels
2"x2" Ckpt. Labels
Cigarette Labels 8.2Mhz
58Khz LE Labels
58Khz Blank DR Labels
58Khz Barcoded DR Labels
Video Store 9.5Mhz Labels

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Security Labels

Disposable Adhesive Security Labels

(Blank Labels / Bar-coded Labels / Video Store Label)

Security Outlet sells EAS disposable sticky security labels as a one time use security device. Retail store security starts with sticky labels on or inside boxed or gift items. The standard security labels are also used as a backup or second tag for expensive name brand items. These security labels are sold as new never used as they are a one time use disposable adhesive label.  DISPOSABLE SECURITY LABELS must match the type of system being used.  It is common practice to double tag fast moving name brand items that are a target for shoplifters.  Loss prevention security labels can be imbedded inside items at the manufacturing level as well.  Many of the shoes today have tags imbedded in the heels when they are made. There are two main types of security labels:

  1. Radio Frequency (RF) security labels tuned to 8.2 MHz or 9.5 Mhz
  2. Acusto Magnetic security labels tuned to 58 KHz

-Checkpoint 8.2Mhz Disposable Adhesive Security Labels-

Blank Labels Checkpoint 8.2Mhz Barcoded Labels Checkpoint 8.2Mhz 2"x2" Barcoded Labels 8.2Mhz Cigarette Labels 8.2Mhz
    Security Labels Blank 8.2Mhz

Security Labels Barcoded 8.2Mhz

   Security Labels 2inch x 2 inch Cigarette Labels
Security Labels Security Labels Security Labels Security Labels

Size: 1 1/2'' x 1 1/2''

Size: 1 1/2'' x 1 1/2''         Size: 2" x 2"

Cigarette Labels


-Sensormatic 58Khz Disposable Security Labels-

Sensormatic™ 58Khz Barcoded DR Label

Sensormatic™ 58Khz Blank  DR Labels

Sensormatic™ 58Khz LE Labels

      Security Labels DR Barcoded          Security Labels Sensormatic Blank

   Sensormatic LE Blank

 (Stock subject to change)  

       Security Labels             Security Labels               Security Labels


-Video Store 9.5Mhz Security Labels-

Non-Deactivatable Video Store 9.5Mhz Labels

Security Label Non Deactivatable9.5Mhz Labels

Security Labels

Video Store 9.5Mhz

Security labels

Security labels can be deactivatable or non-deactivatable.  In the case of security labels used in video stores, deactivatable labels are used for items for sale but non deactivatable for the items that are rented and must come back into the store.  Video stores will use a  pass around system because of the non-deactivatable tags. The video is passed around the system and placed on the other side of the counter so that the security label does not set off the tower.  Also, the video when returned is placed in a slot or box before the person can enter the store, again avoiding the security label from setting off the EAS towers.


Security Outlet Inc is not affiliated in any way with Knogo, Checkpoint or Sensormatic Corporation. 

Security Labels




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