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Security Pillars

Security Pillars

Security Pillars

In order to deter shoplifters Security Outlet Inc provides new and used doorway security pillars/towers to smaller store owners at an economical price.  Now store owners who could not afford the $7000 - $11000 security pillar systems can easily install their own $999 - $2000 loss prevention security towers in the doorway using Security Outlet Inc’s custom made base plates. These stop shoplifting EAS security pillar devices sit on either side of the entrance of a store and ring if someone tries to steal your tagged retail products. 

Checkpoint™ 8.2Mhz Pillars

Sensormatic 58Khz Pillars Video Store 9.5Mhz & Other Frequency Pillars
Security Pillars

Security Pillars

Doorway Security Pillars

Security Pillar

Security Pillar Video Store 9.5mhz

Security Pillars (Video Store)

Checkpoint™ 8.2Mhz Sensormatic™ 58Khz 9.5mhz & Other Frequency

Checkpoint Sensormatic and Video Store Security Pillars 

Retail Store Theft is a huge problem in smaller stores as the store owner does not always have the ability to watch for shoplifters. Shoplifters will sometimes work in teams, distracting the person at the cash register while another partner thief steals the product. This type of theft is not so easy to see with CCTV cameras as the owner would have to scan lots of footage to perhaps see an incident. 

Instead doorway security pillars in retail stores do three things:

     1.      Acts as a visual deterrent

2.      Rings if someone attempts to steal inventory

3.      Gives the owner peace of mind that their inventory is under control

There are three basic kinds of security system pillars:

  1. Radio Frequency

  2. Acusto Magnetic

  3. Low Frequency

Radio Frequency EAS security pillars  are generally found in most retail stores.  These type of  towers, gates, pillars as they are referred to are generally set to detect a standard Checkpoint™ 8.2 MHz security tags.  These tags that ring the security pillars can be hard plastic reusable tags or paper sticky disposable labels.  Because of this security pillar’s ease of use, maintenance, moderate cost and reliability it is widely found in apparel stores, pharmacies, video stores (9.5 MHz), and other smaller shops.  RF technology security pillars have been around for many years and parts are also readily available. 

Acusto Magnetic security pillars are the best type of security pillar to use when there is lots of metal in an environment and RF security towers false alarm.  Although smaller retailers such as hardware stores will try RF security pillars because of their cost factor, if their environment warrants (false alarming with RF security pillars) they may be forced to use the more expensive acusto magnetic type system.  Although generally a bit more expensive these are a very accurate system to detect shoplifters.  The newer Sensormatic Monoguard security pillar can be used as a single pillar to cover a single retail doorway or in the center of a double door.  Also the Duoguard is an acusto magnetic system that will provide coverage at a retail location for a double door. 

Low frequency doorway security pillars also referred as security towers are security devices that act similar to the radio frequency systems but in a much lower frequency.  These security pillars usually ring 2.0 MHz, 1.8 MHz or 3.25 MHz.  The advantage is that they tend not to false alarm.  The disadvantage is that they do not ring any type of paper disposable electronic article surveillance (EAS) label. 


Security Outlet Inc is not affiliated in any way with Knogo, Checkpoint or Sensormatic Corporation. 

Security Pillars




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