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Security Tag Removers

Security Tag Removers

It is important that the hard security tag remover match the type of tag that you are trying to remove. Security Outlet Inc sells 3 basic types of hard tag removers:

  1. The Magnetic Remover (standard & super lock)

  2. The Ultramax gator remover (power & hand held)

  3. The Supertag remover (power & hand held)

Security Tag Removers

Universal Checkpoint® Magnetic Tag Detacher Superlock Eyeglass Security Tag Remover
Superlock Eyeglass Security Tag Remover

Sensormatic® Ultramax Gator Hand Held Detacher


Sensormatic® Ultramax Electronic Tag Remover

Sensormatic® Hand Held Detacher for Hard Plastic Tags Sensormatic® Ultramax Electronic Tag Remover

Sensormatic® Supertag Electronic Power Detacher/Remover


Sensormatic® Supertag Hand Held Remover

ensormatic® Supertag Electronic Power Detacher/Remover ensormatic® Supertag Hand Held Remover

Magnetic security tag removers are used to remove hard plastic security EAS clothing tags. These removers vary in size and shape of indentation as well as magnetic strength. The basic styles include Checkpoint™, Sensormatic™ & Knogo decouplers also called removers or detachers.  These magnetic detachers are sometimes able to be used on more than one type of tag but only if the indent or the opening hole is wide enough.  Sometimes the Checkpoint™ older style hockey puck looking remover is not strong enough for some of the newer security tags. The newer Knogo™ security tags that have a grooved nipple or bump on top require a fairly large opening in order to remover them.

Sensormatic™ uses mostly a mechanical type remover but does not have some but they do have some styles of tags such as pencil tags that are a magnetically released. All magnetic style tags can use either grooved or smooth pins however a tag that requires a mechanical release remover needs to use a grooved pin in order to stay in the tag.

Checkpoint™ 8.2MHz frequency security tags can also have a "Superlock" built into them. This new way of making the tags more fool proof requires a much stronger and more expensive magnetic tag  decoupler/remover. These removers are an industrial grade magnet with a particular indention making it difficult fro thieves to remove the sensor tags.

Loss Prevention is the main reason for a shop to use security tags that require a removal device such as a magnetic remover. Generally but not always a tag that requires a Superlock Remover has a small "S" on the tag to indicate it has a Superlock built into it.

Eyeglass tags also require a special remover because of the size of the head of the tag. Eyeglass security tags tend to require a Superlock magnetic as well.

Security Outlet Inc is not affiliated in any way with Knogo, Checkpoint or Sensormatic Corporation. 

Security Tag Removers




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