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Security Tags

Security Tags

Stop Shoplifting security tags come in a variety of brands and frequencies. The main purpose of an EAS tag is for retail store loss prevention. A store item is tagged and when the customer pays for the item a cashier removes the security tag for re-use at future time.  Security Outlet Inc carries all frequencies and brands of tags. To save the retail shop money on these loss prevention electronic article security tags we offer used refurbished options.  All standard hard plastic security tags come with the pins needed to attach the tags to your merchandise.

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Security Tags

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   Security Tags
Checkpoint™ Sensormatic™ Ink Tags - Eyeglass Tags & More

A security tag can be categorized by frequency such as Checkpoint frequencies, Sensormatic frequencies & Knogo frequencies.

Checkpoint security tags for retail stores are mainly 8.2 MHz and come in two sizes and two shapes.  There are the black mini tags which are approximately 1 ½” x 2” and remove using a special magnetic remover (can not be removed with a standard type over the counter magnet).  Black maxi tags are a bit larger, rectangular with rounded corners and uses a flat headed pin.  The smaller black mini security tag is good for use on all smaller items and the larger black maxi security tag is great for larger coats and jackets.  The larger the tag the better it will ring the security system pillar.

At one time Checkpoint Corp manufactured a few systems that rang low frequency security tags.  These 1.8 MHz tags were only made for a few years and are not very prevalent in today’s electronic article surveillance landscape.  Low frequency systems like this were used because they offered less false alarms in some environments however these systems can not detect the paper sticky label security tags.  Retailers tend to use the universal frequency of 8.2 MHz.  Video stores then had difficulty with their rented videos ringing at retail stores when located in the same mall.  This prompted Checkpoint to come up with a 9.5 MHz non-deactivatable label security tag for video rental stores.  This tag could easily be used over and over again without being erased or setting off security pillars at nearby stores that customers would enter. 

Sensormatic frequencies include the older microwave (no longer manufactured) and ultramax or acusto magnetic.  This type of equipment is much more expensive than RF radio frequency security tags but can be used without false alarming in closer proximity to metal.  The older style gator tags are economical and can be found used quite reasonably.  The newer supertag style is a bit harder to remove for both the customer and the sales clerk.  The newer removers tend to wear out in about 1 year and are much more expensive than the checkpoint style removers. 

Knogo frequency security tags are older security tags that in the USA were mostly 2.0 MHz tags.  Again a low frequency security tagging system avoided false alarming issues but will not ring the newer paper disposable sticky label security tags.  In Europe this same style large round security tag was tuned to 3.25 MHz.  


Security Outlet Inc is not affiliated in any way with Knogo, Checkpoint or Sensormatic Corporation. 

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